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Miami is the most popular area for boating in the world. It offers an endless amount of canal-front living and sightseeing, as well as a Downtown Miami that’s really fun to visit. Miami offers many inshore locations to relax, beautiful water front homes, amazing views and of course cruising with dolphins.

Miami is a boater's paradise. Places like Haulover Sandbar, Nixon Beach, Monument Island and Star Island are very popular boat spots. Warm tropical waters, incredible inshore and offshore fishing, and its proximity to Bimini and the Florida Keys are major advantages of this area.

Let’s not forget about waterfront dining experience. If you are interested in stopping to have lunch or dinner there are quite a few restaurants to choose from

Downtown Miami Famous Restaurants

• Seaspice
• KiKi's
• Boaters Grille
• Rusty pelican
• Garcia's

North Miami Beach

• Lique Miami Waterfront
• Duffys Bar and Grill
• Sea Grill
• GiGis
• Taverna Opa
• Jimbos

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Bimini Island is only 3 hours away from Miami shores. Surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, is a paradise for swimmers and ocean adventurers. Besides many on land historical places you can visit Bimini is famous for their water activities

• Jet Ski Tours.
• Snorkel Around a Historic Shipwreck.
• Discover World-Famous Fishing.
• Rent a Glass-Bottom Kayak.
• Relax in a Water Hammock.
• Dive into an Underwater Oasis.


Cruising to Key West is an amazing journey. Spectacular sunsets, warm ocean breezes and a laid-back island atmosphere create the perfect setting for a budding romance or family getaway. These are some of the enduring images and themes featured in many of Hollywood’s most romantic movies.

•Extreme Adventures Shark Tours
•Watching dolphins
•Scuba diving

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